East Passyunk CrossingPassyunk Square is a trending neighborhood best known for its shopping and restaurants along the East Passyunk Crossing corridor in the middle of South Philadelphia. It wasn’t until recently that this subdivision received its name Passyunk Square. The name derived from the park bounded by 12th, 13th, Wharton and Reed Streets in this neighborhood now known as Passyunk Square which was formerly known as “Columbus Square”. Geoff DiMasi established this change when forming the Passyunk Square Civic Association. If you were to ask any of the older neighbors who have grown up in the area , they will promise you that the park is Columbus Square. However, if you ask that same question to a younger, hipster who just moved to the awesome restaurant/bar Mecca, he will know the park as nothing but Passyunk Square AKA “The Square”. This area is not to be confused with Passyunk Crossing which is a whole other neighborhood that is just south of Passyunk Square. Anything South of Tasker (which also changes the zip code from 19147 to 19148)  is Passyunk Crossing. It is pretty much all of the restaurants, Boutiques & shopping district. So just remember, to the North of Tasker is Passyunk Square and South of Tasker is East Passyunk Crossing.

East Passyunk Crossing features a large number of privately owned shops, restaurants, bars, boutiques.

Passyunk Square Boundaries

For Real Estate purposes, Passyunk Square runs East of Broad, West of 6th Street and North of Tasker Street and South of Washington Avenue

Other Information:

City Council District: 1st, Frank DiCicco

Ward: 1st; 39th

Police District: 3rd, Capt. Michael Ryan; Community Relations Officers Ace Delgado and Gary Harkins

Civic Groups: East Passyunk Crossing; South Broad Street Neighborhood Association

Library: South Philadelphia, 1700 S. Broad St., in Newbold/Point Breeze

Schools: Edward W. Bok High School, 1901 S. Ninth St.; Neumann-Goretti High School, 1736 S. 10th St.; Southwark School, 1835 S. Ninth; St. Nicholas of Tolentine School, 913 Pierce St.

Places Of Worship: Abundant Life Chinese Mennonite Church, 1731 S. Broad St.; Bethany Indonesian Church of God, 1709 S. Broad St.; First Christian Assembly, 1900 S. 11th St.; Indonesian Full Gospel Fellowship Church, 2026 S. 13th St.; International Bethel Church, 1619 S. Broad St.; Jemaat GPDI South Philadelphia, 1900 S. 11th St.; Prophetic Church of Christ, 1826 S. Sixth St.; St. John’s Baptist Church, 1232 Tasker; St. Nicholas of Tolentine, 1718 S. Ninth; Successful Bethany Family, 2019 S. Juniper St.

Rec Centers: Houston Center, 2029 S. Eighth St.; Tolentine Community Center, 1025-33 Mifflin St.