Warren Buffett Buys Out Prudential Fox & Roach

Pennsylvania Convention Center In a meeting yesterday Prudential Fox & Roach officially announced to their entire company that Berkshire Hathaway purchased Prudential Fox & Roach & The Trident Group. The name & sign change will not take place until 11/11/2013. Imaging having to go and change 11,000 For Sale signs from Prudential Fox & Roach […]

Philadelphia Real Estate is Really Becoming a Game

Philadelphia Plays Atari Pong on Side of Skyscraper How about a game of classic Atari PONG ? This vintage game will be played on the facade of a Philadelphia skyscraper. The 29-story Cira Centre will be the TV and hundreds of LED lights will be the graphics for the paddles and ball. People can actually […]

2013 Philadelphia New Year’s Parade- Order Of March

2013 Philadelphia String Bands- Order Of March 2013 Philadelphia New Year’s Parade- Order Of March,  2013 Philadelphia New Year’s Parade- Order Of March This is the official order of the 2013 String Band Division. 1. Greater O 2. Durning 3. Trilby 4. Broomall 5. South Philadelphia 6. Hegeman 7. Woodland 8. Aqua 9. Uptown 10. […]

Philadelphia Open Air

Philadelphia Open Air PHILADELPHIA – A new interactive artwork opening in Philadelphia will make light of your words, but it’s probably not what you think. Montreal-based artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is preparing to flip the switch on “Open Air,” an interactive work that will translate voice messages into moving beams of light over a tree-lined parkway […]

Bardascino Park in Bella Vista

Bardascino Park in Bella Vista Have you visited Bardascino Park in Bella Vista lately? What a difference from a few years ago! I remember broken benches, dead trees, overflowing trash cans, pet waste, illegal household trash and a bocce court that looked more like a pitcher’s mound. Well a lot has changed thanks to the […]

Philadelphia Navy Yard Growing Rapidly

Philadelphia Navy Yard The Philadelphia Navy Yard is a 1,200 acre, dynamic waterfront development offering the Philadelphia region a unique and centrally-located environment with over 120 companies and 8,500 employees. The Philadelphia Navy Yard is located just behind the Packer Park area. Diverse architectural styles – everything from new office complexes, huge industrial and distribution facilities, state-of-the-art research laboratories, and […]

The Housing Market Has Turned- At Last

Prices are Finally Bending Up! The Housing Market Has Turned- At Last. The U.S. finally has moved beyond attention-grabbing predictions from housing “experts” that housing is bottoming. The numbers are now convincing. Nearly seven years after the housing bubble burst, most indexes of house prices are bending up. “We finally saw some rising home prices,” S&P’s […]

Bella Vista Restaurants- Top 5

Bella Vista Restaurants- Top 5 Restaurants I’ve lived in Philadelphia my entire life. I love food and an very passionate about it and would never be bias in my opinion-( To anyone who loves food, this is  an unwritten rule). I eat out often and do love several restaurants in Bella Vista.  These are 5 […]